Kristen Schaal 2005

Type "Kristen Schaal" into Yahoo! Search and one of the first links to pop up is a YouTube video from the 2008 Melbourne Comedy Festival Gala. The act features Schaal and her comedic partner Kurt Braunohler and quickly takes a very strange twist. The comedians explain how they used to perform on a kids show featuring animals explaining the judiciary system. They proceed to recreate one of their acts that involves Braunohler repeatedly saying "Kristen Schaal is a horse" as Schaal dances and gallops around stage like a horse. The act is still going on after the commercial break and Schaal shows no sign of stopping. This act kept the audience entertained and laughing despite the sheer absurdity of the situation. It is this kind of avant garde humor and performance art that not only made Kristen Schaal a worthy recipient of an Andy Award but also an unforgettable artist.

Schaal has become a comedic force in the entertainment community. Most notably known for her role as "Mel" on the HBO series "Flight of the Conchords", Schaal plays the obsessive super fan of the lead characters Jermaine and Bret as they try to make it big as rock stars. Mel is, unfortunately, the bands only fan. Schaal made her "political" debut in 2008 as a correspondent for Comedy Central’s "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" as the shows Senior Women’s Correspondent. Schaal’s commentaries for the show have included stripping an article of clothing to every sexist comment make by news anchors during Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign, an educational piece on the term "Cougar" featuring a live cougar (it’s not what you think), and discussion of the plight of women in China during the Summer Olympics. Each piece evokes Schaal’s off beat sense of humor and highlights what makes her such a refreshing voice in the comedy world.